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Blemish Cream by Boo-Boo Zap Review

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by Mitchell
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Blemish Cream by Boo-Boo Zap Review

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If you are like many, you may have acne problems from time to time. What are the best and worst products available? What should you choose and which are those that you should stay away from? In order to answer this question, our skin care specialists have reviewed Benefit by Boo-Boo Zap. Let’s take a look at the results.

A Breakdown of the Basics

Benefit is offered in the form of a liquid application that should be used once in the morning and another time before you go to sleep. It is provided in a glass cylinder that contains approximately one month worth of product.


We can note that the container is quite easy to take with you when you are out and about. Also, the price of approximately $20 dollars (€17 euros, £14 pounds) is much cheaper than other blemish creams that are offered. Application is easy and our users did not notice any dry skin or irritations as a result. Furthermore, there was no oily residue left after the application.

Potential Drawbacks

We were rather unimpressed by the consistency of the liquid contained within the cylinder. While billed as a gel, its properties were similar to water. This made many users doubt its ultimate effectiveness. Secondly, our panel found that the extraction methods used were frustrating to say the least. Many obtained more than was actually necessary; drastically decreasing the lifespan of the cylinder. We also noted that in terms of the size of the cylinder, there is actually very little product contained within. Finally (and most importantly), the majority of our testers did not witness any noticeable reduction of blemishes and pimples.

The Final Judgment

We believe that Benefit by Boo-Boo Zap is not worth the approximately £25 pounds that it costs to purchase.

If you have been searching for a bargain-basement product with marginal effects or you only suffer from minor acne, Benefit by Boo-Boo Zap may be the choice for you. However, we have come to the conclusion that anyone desiring serious acne-fighting power would do best to avoid this brand. You would be better off choosing a more well-known brand for your needs.

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