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Chanel Gel Purete review

Posted 18th May 2017 by in



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86/ 100

by Mitchell
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Chanel Gel Purete

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One of the main selling points in regards to Chanel Gel Purete is the fact that it will leave the skin feeling silky and smooth while its “feel” is extremely lightweight.

Chanel has always been associated with a sense of luxury and this cleanser will certainly not disappoint.

However, we should note that its formulation is meant for the average consumer and at a price of less than £32 pounds (at the time that this article was written), smooth and radiant skin is well within the average budget.


As we should only expect from a respected company such as Chanel, this cream will leave your face feeling clean and refreshed without any drying or cracking.

A one-time application will last throughout the day during normal conditions and this makes it an ideal option for those who have sensitive skin or who are prone to blemishes.

The only issue is that anyone who may be accustomed to high-end skin cleansers may be slightly disappointed with a rather heavy scent.

Our score: 75% out of 100%

Ease of Use

Many consumers feel that even a small amount will go a long way in terms of skin coverage. It is provided in easy-to-use tubes; ideal when travelling or otherwise on the go throughout the day.

Any residual cream will simply evaporate, so the user will no longer have to worry about their skin appearing shiny or oily.

Our score: 90% out of 100%


Anyone who is interested in aesthetics will be pleased to know that Chanel Gel Purete comes in a sexy and streamlined package. This is actually quite similar to the other products offered by the company. All luxury aside, it appears that the casing is quite durable.

It is fashioned from moulded and flexible PVC, so it will be able to stand up to its fair share of wear and tear. Travellers will be pleased with a top that snaps and locks into place when not in use.

Our Score: 90% out of 100%

Value for Your Money

Chanel Gel Purete has generally earned positive ratings due to its cleansing ability as well as its amenable price tag. While its forumalation may not be as effective as high-end products, it can still be a welcome skin care product for those who are on a relatively tight budget.

Our score: 90% our of 100%

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