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Colgate Whitening Advanced Toothpaste review

Posted 18th May 2017 by in



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by Mitchell
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Colgate Whitening Advanced Toothpaste review

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Colgate Whitening Advanced Toothpaste, moves from the realm of oral hygiene into beauty product with its promise to whiten teeth to beautiful Hollywood standards.

The toothpaste contains tiny flecks of mica which work to deep clean the teeth, removing plaque, tartar and loosening stains caused by things like wine, coffee and so on.

The Promise

Colgate promises that this toothpaste will strengthen tooth enamel, provide anti-bacterial protection (and therefore fresh breath) for up to twelve hours, and protect against staining, cavities, enamel erosion, gum problems and sensitivity. Implicit in the word ‘whitening’ is the promise to whiten teeth that are yellowing or otherwise stained.

What We Found

One of our colleagues, a recent ex-smoker, leapt at the chance to try out this toothpaste. Her teeth are healthy enough, just rather yellowed from nicotine and coffee consumption.

She decided not to drink any coffee while testing the product, in order to give it ‘a fair shot at sorting out my teeth!’ She took the toothpaste home with her, planning to allow a good two-week trial before reporting back. (NB Colgate does state results within four weeks, but our colleague was not confident that she could last the full four weeks without any coffee!)

She used the toothpaste twice a day: first thing in the morning and last thing at night, trying to leave at least half an hour between brushing in the morning and eating her breakfast.


Oral Health Improvements: Our colleague’s gums looked healthier within a week, she said, a lovely pink, rather than the rather unpleasant ‘greyish-pink’ that she was used to.

This may be due to her having given up smoking which can impact on circulation, but our colleague felt the change was too closely aligned to her use of the Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste to dismiss the results out of hand.

She breath was much fresher, and she felt more confident cuddling her grandchildren than she had before, sure that her breath would not be off-putting to little noses. She did notice some sensitivity flaring up when using the toothpaste: she has sensitive teeth anyway, but has not had a reaction in some time. 3/5


Teeth were noticeably cleaner, ‘squeaky clean’ immediately after brushing, with no trace of ‘furriness’ that can sometimes occur between visits to the dentist. Our tester loved the way her teeth felt: so smooth and clean, after using the toothpaste. 5/5


While her nicotine staining is still there, the toothpaste’s mica flecks have done some work towards lightening the staining. Distressingly for our tester, she has a small crack on one of her incisors, which is now more visible as the surrounding enamel is noticeably lighter than the crack into which the staining has been able to sink more deeply.

Despite this, our tester is delighted, as it shows that, even in two weeks, the staining has begun to shift. 4/5


Despite the slight sensitivity – which our tester is happy to attribute to the greater cleaning that her teeth have undergone – the overall rating is a high one.

Our tester has already purchased another tube of toothpaste, and plans to continue using Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste on a permanent basis, given the improvements in whiteness, and in general oral health. 4.5/5

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