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Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon review

Posted 18th May 2017 by in



Ease of Use


Value for Money

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36/ 100

by Mitchell
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Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon review

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Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon, this is a double-ended eyeliner pencil with one end violet and the other black. The pencil is long, stretching more than twenty centimetres, meaning that users will get a good amount of use from both sides.

The Promise

Soft and creamy, this dual eyeliner pencil will glide on smoothly. It is made from a special blend of powders and kajal (a black powder first used cosmetically in South Asia), and is easy to apply.

What we found

At first Julie, an older lady (around sixty-five) volunteered to try this product. She tried to apply the eyeliner, but struggled to see clearly without her glasses.

She also poked herself in the eye once or twice, which did not, she said wryly, add to her good looks! Stephanie, twenty-four, offered to try the kajalstick instead, being an avid user of make-up already.

Stephanie found the eyeliner to be something of a disappointment. While it applied easily, as promised, the line that is produced is somewhat thin and disappointing.

Trying to thicken the line is tricky, and Stephanie was often left with mismatched eyes and the occasional scribble from trying to artificially thicken the line.

She tried to remove the point of the eyeliner, to thicken the line that would be drawn, but this was not successful, with sharp pieces of wood being brought dangerously close to her eyes and the eyeliner disintegrating once the integrity of the point was compromised.



The product is not terribly effective, creating a thin, odd-looking line that takes more effort than it is worth to correct. 40%

Ease of use:

Using for the above-mentioned, thin, odd-looking line, is easy enough, with the kajalstick applying smoothly. Using in order to achieve a more fashionable effect, is almost impossible. 45%


The eyeliner pencil is unpackaged, with transparent lids on either end to protect the black and violet product from damage and contamination. 30%

Value for Money:

The Colourtrend Kajalstick is cheap – too cheap, agree both Julie and Stephanie. They would both rather spend more money on a product that will work without as much effort as this one needs to achieve the desired look! Overall, a disappointing product that is not even worth the low price asked! 30%

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