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Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil 

Posted 29th March 2017 by in



Ease of Use


Value for Money

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100/ 100

by Mitchell
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Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil with pure coconut oil from Amazon at £7.00 for 150ml

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The Promise

This lightweight Garnier coconut oil serum boasts of being multipurpose, offering styling protection, nourishment for flexibility, the taming of frizzy and flyaway hair, shine boost and a ‘divine’ smell.

What We Found

One of our testers is a lady with very long hair and she seemed to be the obvious choice to try out this hair conditioning product. She took it home with her, having immediately tried a little of the product at the very ends of her hair.

Her first impressions were that the oil sank into the hair shaft straightaway leaving little in the way of residue. She did say, however, that she could tell where the serum was when she ran a comb through the length of her hair – the comb would ‘drag’ a little, as though encountering some kind of stickiness, even though she couldn’t feel it with her fingertips.

Over the weekend she washed her hair and applied the oil while her hair was still wet, but after a fairly thorough towel dry. She then combed her hair out, which helped to spread the product along the whole length of the hair, and then blow-dried as usual.

Her hair felt immediately softer and sleeker, and her tendency to frizz was noticeably reduced. Over the week, she used the product regularly, probably every two days or so.

At the end of the week, all her frizziness was contained and she received several comments about her hair looking great. Her first question at the end of the challenge was ‘Can I keep what’s left?’ (The answer was yes.)




Efficacy: 100%

In all of the five promises, this product delivered, leaving hair smooth and shiny after drying, styling and straightening, with no hint of dryness or damage, frizz and flyaways were tamed, her hair was beautifully shiny and the gentle sweet fragrance easily lasted between uses.

Ease of Use: 100%

The small nozzle allows a small amount of the serum to emerge, and this is nicely measured: too much product leaves the hair overwhelmed, sticking together and looking greasy and dirty. Our tester found two ways of applying the product, both of which work well: put a small amount of the serum on the hands and smooth it over the area where it is needed, or apply directly to the ends of the hair, then comb through for even spread. The former method is best for application to dry hair, while the latter is more effective on wet. Used in these ways, our tester got perfect results every time.

Packaging: 100%

The sleek perfector comes in an elegantly tear-shaped plastic bottle with a dispensing nozzle on top. There is a small transparent lid which fits neatly over the nozzle to prevent unwanted dripping and/ or wastage.

Value for money: 100%

Despite the relatively high price tag, little of the product is needed in each application and the 150ml bottle will last long enough for the price per month to come down to a very acceptable and budget-friendly level.

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