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Nivea Men 48-Hour Silver Protect

Posted 24th November 2016 by in



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by Mitchell
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Deodorants are some of the most overlooked products within the cosmetics sector and yet, they are very important. Does Nivea Men 48-Hour Silver Protect stand up to its claims?


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Nivea Men 48-Huor Silver Protect claims to offer up to 48 hours of odour-fighting protection for the active male. No alcohol or colourants are present and the active ingredient is a proprietary blend of silver ions which kill bacteria on contact. While many believe that two days of protection is a bit of a stretch, it is generally effective for 24 hours.

Ease of Use

There are several problems with this product. If the cap is not firmly tightened, the roll-on mechanism will quickly dry out. Secondly (and more concerning for most users) is that the silver ion mixture tends to permanently stain lightly coloured shirts; particularly if they are a tight fit.
Still, the product is easy to use and application takes a matter of seconds.


While the logo and branding are both sufficient, there is nothing especially striking about the roll-on container. Using colours of silver and blue, it provides a rather subdued appearance. However, the shape of the container is similar to other Nivea products.
This will enable shoppers to quickly distinguish it from similar brands. Nivea Silver Protect is available in several different sizes and some of these are suited for travel. This can be an important concern for those who are looking for less bulky items that will fit within a purse or a carry-on bag.

Value for Your Money

Nivea Men 48-Hour Silver Protect is generally sold in bottles of 50 millilitres and priced at £10 pounds. Assuming that it is used once every day, the bottle should last between two and three months. We can therefore observe that it is a great value for its price.  

The Final Verdict

Although Nivea Men 48-Hour Silver Protect offers a sufficient level of protection, it is not nearly as much of a user-friendly product as similar items within this category.
This unfortunately detracts from what would have otherwise been considered a great value for your money. Ultimately, it is disappointing to witness a respected brand such as Nivea promoting what can only be called substandard product to the public.

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