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Origins Super Spot Remover: Will it Really Ban Those Blemishes?

Posted 24th November 2016 by in



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93/ 100

by Mitchell
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We all want to look our best while out and about. Let’s review Origins Super Spot Remover and rate a few important categories on a percentage scale between 0 and 100.


Click here to buy on AmazonThe main ingredient of salicylic acid enables this product to quickly dry out and eliminate existing blemishes. However, another benefit is the fact that it employs another anti-spot technology to cover up these blemishes until they heal. This is achieved through the use of both topical caffeine and red algae extract.

Ease of Use

Application is easy and Origins Super Spot Remover can be used on all skin types. A pea-sized amount will be placed on the tip of a finger and applied over affected areas of the face. Two applications a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) are recommended. The entire process takes only a matter of seconds.


The use of silk screening provides a balance between the branding and the background. The design itself boasts clean lines and is quite easy to read from afar. This will enable a higher level of product recognition within what could prove to be a rather distracting retail environment. As the bottle itself is small, it can be easily be placed within a purse or a backpack. This makes transport simple for those who wish to use the product while away from home.

Value for Your Money

The average price of Origins Super Spot Remover is only £15 pounds. This is very reasonable and although the cost is noticeably higher than similar products such as Clearasil (normally valued between £3 and £4 pounds), this variant offers the additional benefit of covering up blemishes as they heal (not to mention red algae extract and a topical caffeine additive). Customers will therefore be pleased at what they receive for this agreeable price.

The Verdict

Origins Super Spot Remover is one of the best blemish-fighting creams currently on the market and it is no surprise that this product has been continually rated within numerous online top-ten lists. Those who require a cream which goes above and beyond more traditional variants will be very happy with the results that they encounter through Origins Super Spot Remover.

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