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Revlon Wild Orchid 457 Lipstick review

Posted 25th November 2016 by in



Ease of Use


Value for Money

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100/ 100

by Mitchell
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Revlon promises that its lipsticks provide brilliant, long-lasting colour. One of our testers loves her current lipstick – a vibrant raspberry shade made by a competitor – and she leapt at the chance to try one of Revlon’s offerings, picking out Wild Orchid as being closest to her preferred shade.



Click here to buy on AmazonThe Promise

Revlon’s Wild Orchid promises a mix of moisturisers and vitamins to keep the skin of the mouth smooth and healthy – in perfect kissing condition, in other words. Revlon also claim that their colour will not wear off during the day, and that it will last from application until removal, at the end of a long day.



What We Found


Our tester was almost alarmed when she opened up the lipstick. Unlike the rather muted colour on the test, Wild Orchid is a deep vivid pink-purple. She declared that it almost glowed when she first opened it. Despite her worries, once applied the colour looked great, sliding on without any issues. The lipstick looked smooth and professional despite the tester’s lips being a little dry from the cold winter weather. A little colour did wear off at first, when she was eating or drinking, but not much. There was enough colour left, as promised, for her need to actively clean it off before bed.





Efficacy: 99% Our tester was very impressed with the Revlon lipstick and will not be returning to the competing brand! She tried her old lipstick after the Revlon test and was disappointed, becoming aware of flaws that she had not noticed before.


Ease of use: 100% This lipstick slides on smoothly and easily, lasts a long time.


Packaging: 100% To be honest, the tester was so excited to try the lipstick that she did not really pay attention to the packaging! She did go and find another example in the shops and double-checked it, finding it easy to open, attractive and eye-catching.


Value for Money: 99% Revlon is an expensive brand, but our tester is more than willing to pay the price in order to enjoy the benefits of the product. Overall, a little pricey but a worthwhile winner.

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