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Simple Hydrating Moisturiser Review

Posted 19th February 2015 by in



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by Mitchell
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Simple Hydrating Moisturiser Review


Simple Hydrating Moisturiser from Boots: £1.50 for 50ml

simple hydrating cream

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Aimed at those with sensitive skin, this moisturiser is light and absorbs easily and completely in a short time. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5, which restores your skin to a softer and smoother appearance; Vitamin E to nourish and improve the condition of your skin and is pH balanced to maintain and enhance the natural condition of healthy skin. There are no unnecessary additives to this product that might upset or irritate the skin, and it is dermatologically tested in order to meet all requirements.

The Simple range is one of Boots’ own brands and is aimed at providing budget-friendly skin care and beauty products without compromising on quality.

Good for you

We saw the Simple range in Boots and were amazed at the low prices (and, if we are honest, slightly sceptical that such cheap products could work well!). However, we thought we would try this Hydrating Moisturiser, thinking that we would not be too upset if it was not any good, as we were not going be spending a lot of money on it.


That night, after a bath, our tester applyied cleanser and toner as normal in her usual evening routine. Then she opened up the Simple Hydrating moisturiser and applied it over her face, using gentle upward movements as is recommended for moisturiser applications. It sank in quickly and easily, leaving the skin noticeably softer to touch. When she woke up, she saw that her skin looked fresh and clean, and some of the wrinkles seemed to be less noticeable.

Impressed with the results from that first night, she has continued to use Simple Hydrating Moisturiser every day since then, applying it morning and night. Her skin is soft and clear, and laugh-lines are noticeably diminished. We have also tried a number of the other Simple product range and we can confirm that the quality and low price combination is not a fluke!


If we have any grumbles, it is that the Simple Hydrating Moisturiser does not contain any kind of UV protection. Many moisturisers today do combine a certain spf level as standard, but Simple is not one of them, so a separate product must be applied if you are going to go in the sun.



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