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Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

Posted 29th March 2017 by in



Ease of Use


Value for Money

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71/ 100

by Mitchell
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Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

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The Promise

Claiming to love skin and contain multi-vitamins, this toner says that it will leave skin ‘clean and refreshed’. It is perfume free and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

What We Found

One of our testers has quite oily skin, and has wide experience with a variety of cleansing and toning products. She leapt at the chance to try another and happily tucked the fresh-green bottle into her handbag to take home.

After a few days of using the product once in the morning and once in the evening, she was disappointed to declare that the product seemed to be having no real effect at all. She also found that the lack of fragrance put her off the product, making it seem even less effective.

However, some of our other testers could see a difference in the tester’s skin, thinking it looked fresher and somehow cleaner. However, we must abide by the opinion of our tester as she was the one using the product.


Efficacy: 40%

The tester could not see any difference in her oily skin after using this product. She does not have sensitive skin and has never used a sensitive product before.

She did admit (after a grilling from another tester who does use sensitive products and rather admires the Simple range) that possibly she is accustomed to more stringent, and perhaps even harsh, products.

Ease of Use: 100%

Like other similar products, this toner is very easy to use, being applied with a ball of cotton wool and swept evenly over the face. Simple recommends that it is followed with Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser, but our tester used per own preferred moisturiser instead.

Packaging: 100%

As stated earlier, the bottle is a fresh and lively shade of green, being slightly frosted which adds an air of shimmering elegance to its otherwise sturdy and practical appearance.

The lid snaps shut tightly and there was no leakage at all, even when toner was carried to the gym and the office.

Value for Money: 45%

Our tester felt as though she was wiping her face with water, noticing no effect from the vitamins and moisturisers in the product. For this reason, she felt that the relatively modest £2.00 price tag was not worth even that amount.

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