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StriVectin-SD Review

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by Mitchell
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StriVectin-SD Review

strivectin SD

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It has been said that StriVectin-SD is one of the most powerful anti-aging products on the market. Its ability to supposedly reverse the presence of wrinkles has been touted for years. However, is there any truth to this statement? We have gone ahead and tested this beauty product for ourselves so that you can be provided with up-to-date and unbiased information. Let’s examine what we have found.

A Basic Overview

We should first state that those who are looking to achieve the same appearance that plastic surgery or Botox injections would provide will be disappointed. StriVectin-SD is an over-the-counter skin cream. This being said, active ingredients such as collagen-building peptides and a substance known as NIA-114 (a form of niacin) are seen to produce real results. All scientific terminology aside, many of our testers experienced noticeable results in between 4 to 6 weeks (the bottle states that up to 8 weeks may be necessary to achieve these effects). It can also lessen the presence of stretch marks over time.


One of the best aspects of Strivectin-SD is that it contains no unnecessary ingredients such as fillers, fragrances or colourants. So, our users experienced very few side effects. In other words, it contains everything that is needed and nothing that is not. This is a considerable benefit when we consider that the prices can be as high as €100 euros or more for a single tube. The bulk of our panel did indeed notice softer skin, fewer wrinkles and a diminished presence of stretch marks.

The Time Factor

A potential drawback in regards to StriVectin-SD is the fact that if you stop using the product, your skin will return to its previous condition. Also, the company recommends that it be taken with sister products such as an eye concentrate for wrinkles and an advanced Retinol night treatment. This can definitely place a strain upon a tight budget.

Our Conclusion


StriVectin-SD seems to be one of the few over-the-counter beauty products that is able to back up the claims that have been made. Our panel experienced significant skin changes during the time it was taken. However, keep in mind that the price is quite substantial if you wish to see results.


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