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Xpel Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

Posted 16th July 2015 by in



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This product is made with the new ‘best thing ever’, the much-touted argan oil, produced from the kernels of the argan tree which is endemic to Morocco. Argan oil has, like coconut oil, edible and topical uses, and is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world.

Xpel Argan Oil Hair Mask Review – Basic Facts

xpel argan oil hair mask review

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This hair masque contains proteins and keratin that can restore and repair damaged hair. The oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to hydrate and moisturise the hair completely, minimising damage from split ends, sun damage and heat-based treatments like hair-dryers and straighteners, leaving the hair light, clean and refreshed, as well as strong and healthy.

We had read a lot about the wonders of argan oil, and, as our tester has long thick hair that is prone to split ends, we encouraged her to give this Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Masque a go. Reading the instructions and shampooed her hair first, as required, she then slathered on the thick white goopy crème from the tub, smoothing it through the hair from a few inches below the roots to the tips.

She left the crème on for as long as recommended, combing it through as she waited, to ensure even coverage along the full length of the hair shaft. Once time was up she rinsed it off. Or rather, she tried to rinse it off!

In the minute or so that is recommended to let the masque sit on the hair, it had thickened up and become really sticky and hard to remove! She persisted and, after some lengthy and slightly panicky minutes, finally managed to get it all out of her hair. Or so she thought…

Final Verdict

She left her hair to dry naturally, but found it was still full of the residue of this pernicious product! The hair, when dried, looked oily and dirty. It was unmanageable, resisting any attempt to style it. Even tying it back in a ponytail made no improvement, and after a few hours, the tester’s scalp began to itch and flake terribly.

Unable to bear it much longer, she washed her hair again – needing two applications of shampoo! – and applied a known and trusted conditioner. It took another wash, two days later, to completely remove the effects of the Argan Oil Hair Conditioning Masque – definitely not to be recommended!


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