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ALDO Men’s Oxford Shoes: Our Male-Friendly Review

Posted 24th November 2016 by in





Value For Money

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80/ 100

by Mitchell
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Keeping light on your feet in style is important to the modern man. How does the ALDO Men’s Craosa Oxford shoe “stand” up to the competition?


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The minimalist appearance of this dress shoe is great for those who are looking to embrace a more conservative look within the office. A slightly raised heel provides the wearer with a few extra centimetres of height; perfect for those high-pressure business meetings. The shoe is currently available in colours of black and cognac. While these shoes might not turn as many heads when compared to more expensive models, they are generally sufficient for most purposes.


As this shoe is thought to be an economical choice for those on a limited budget, we should not expect superior levels of comfort. Standard rubber soles are not as resistant to impacts when compared to composite materials and although the top laces to above the ankle, there is not as much rear support as some would prefer. However, this shoe could still be a great choice for those who are not on their feet for the entire day.


The ALDO Craosa Oxford line is thought to be somewhat “middle of the road” in terms of its price. Generally retailing for between £60 and £100 pounds, it is best suited for men who are on a limited budget and still desire a stylish alternative to more well-known brand names. Comfort aside, these shoes are actually quite durable, so they can be expected to last for a good deal of time with few worries in terms of maintenance.

Value for Your Money

We should make it clear here that ALDO Craosa shoes are by no means the best in the business and yet, their simple appeal alongside an impressive level of durability both represent a decent value for your money. Style-conscious men who are looking to make a splash within the professional environment will generally consider this brand to be a wise financial decision.

The Verdict

Offering a basic visual appeal and a good value, ALDO Craosa Oxford shoes are indeed worth a closer look. Although they might be slightly lacking in terms of comfort, they could still be excellent options for the modern office environment.

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