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Chester University Hoodie review

Posted 18th May 2017 by in





Value For Money

Total Score

85/ 100

by Mitchell
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Chester University Hoodie

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Chester University Hoodie, these classic branded hoodies are great for alumni of the university and for anyone else who wants to own a warm and stylish hoodie!

Available in a range of colours and sizes, the hoodies feature the date of the university’s inauguration – 1839 and the legend ‘University of Chester’ arranged inside a circular design of laurel leaves.

The Promise

Sturdy and thick, these hoodies will keep you warm and looking good while you study or relax.

What We Found

Malcolm, whose son is attending the university, found these hoodies on a visit to the campus. He bought one for his son, but then tried it on for himself and was extremely reluctant to give it back! So he popped back to get one for himself and offered to review the hoodies for us.

The hoodies are made from a durable thick polyester-cotton mix, with a soft fluffy inside and smooth finish on the outside. The hoods are generously designed, and are equally comfortable on or off – Malcolm’s son did say that wearing the hoodie, a big hooded coat and a backpack could be uncomfortable, causing bulkiness at the back of the neck.

Malcolm initially wanted his hoodie to wear around the house, but soon found himself wearing it for almost all casual occasions, from going to a movie, to popping to the shops, to visiting friends!



The hoodies look very smart, despite the ‘loud’ advertising of the university on the front. For those for whom this is a problem, there are sweaters available (for £20) which feature a much smaller emblem, the size of a breast pocket. They are suitable for wearing out to anything up to a ‘smart casual’ dress code. 80%


So comfortable, and warm too! 100%


At £25, these hoodies are not the cheapest on the market. But they are durable and hard-wearing, so perhaps not a bad buy for someone looking for a long-lasting garment. 60%

Value for Money

Durable, hard-wearing, washable and cosy – Malcolm (and his son) are both very happy with their hoodies, and are more than happy with the money they have paid. 100%

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