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The Chrysler Town & Country: A Review Before a Road Trip

Posted 29th March 2017 by in





Value For Money

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90/ 100

by Mitchell
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The Chrysler Town & Country: A Review Before a Road Trip

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Those who are planning to take a road trip in the near future should only choose the best vehicle on the market. Is the Chrysler Town & Country as roadworthy as it appears?


The Chrysler Town & Country is all about style. There are plenty of standard and optional features while the cargo area can be adjusted to seat up to seven passengers. Plush seats, an ample amount of head room and Bluetooth capabilities further add to this sense of comfort.

Our rating: 90% out of 100%.


As the Town & Country is a front-wheel drive vehicle, the driver will experience superior levels of traction control. Anti-lock brakes, automatic stability systems, a wide chassis and a security system are all standard features. Side, front and overhead airbags round out this superior attention to safety.

Our rating: 95% out of 100%.

Ease of Use

This vehicle is very easy to handle on both country and city streets. The driver has a choice of a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic configuration.

The previously mentioned head room helps to prevent blind spots; particularly important when reversing or parking. However, some have expressed concerns regarding the balance of the Town & Country around tight curves.

This is arguably the only drawback seen in terms of ease of use and handling.

Our rating: 80% out of 100%.


Value for Your Money

Those who might be on a limited budget will be happy to know that the 2016 Chrysler Town & Country retails (at the time that this article was written) for just under £24,000 pounds. This is significantly less than many other similarly sized vehicles within its class.

We should also note here that the Town & Country is backed up by a three-year (or 36,000-mile) warranty. Extended warranties are also available upon request. Finally, it is important to point out that this vehicle is known to enjoy up to 25 miles to the gallon on the open road.

This will help to save additional funds over time.

Our rating: 95% out of 100%.

The Verdict

The Chrysler Town & Country is one of the top minivans in terms of safety, efficiency, comfort and ease of use. Those who are looking for a great and cost-effective alternative to more expensive models should definitely consider this option.

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