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Primark Ladies Cardigan Review

Posted 17th July 2015 by in





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51/ 100

by Mitchell
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Primark Ladies Cardigan Review


primark cardigan

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The Product Description

A long-line light-weight cardigan with square pockets on the front panels. The fabric is very finely knitted cotton or wool, the pieces being shaped, then sewn together with an industrial sewing machine. The fabric feels almost silky to the touch because the knit is so very fine.

The Promise

There is no particular promise with these cardigans, but the assumption is that they are suitable for outerwear on summer evenings or slightly cooler summer days. There is a great range of colours, many of them bright and cheerful. The cardigan is fastened with four medium-sized buttons, in the same (or very close to it) colour as the fabric/ thread.

What We Found

One of our ladies was going clothes shopping with her daughter and agreed to try out the cardigan for us. She was a little dubious initially, especially after hearing that the cardigan cost a mere £6.00. However, she picked out a lovely bright green cardigan and popped it on when she needed to walk to her local shops to pick up some milk. Feeling the satiny texture and seeing the drape of the cardigan soon allayed her doubts and the garment quickly became her favourite light-weight jacket. However, before long, the cardigan was in need of its first wash, and, following the instructions, she happily popped it into her machine.

When she came to put it on again, something very strange had happened to the cardigan. While the body of the cardigan was fine, the sleeves had shrunk! Quite dramatically too, as it turned out! The sleeves were now tight around her arms and barely reached past her elbows and this shrinkage had distorted the cardigan body puckering it and giving it a most peculiar appearance. She was very disappointed in the loss of her new favourite and, going over the care instructions again and again, could only think that perhaps, she had used too hot a wash for the garment. However, she was sure that she had obeyed every particular on the label, and decided not to buy another cardigan, in case the same thing happened again.


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