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Primark Ladies Vests Review

Posted 18th July 2015 by in





Value For Money

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92/ 100

by Mitchell
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Primark Ladies Vests Review


Product Description

primark vest

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Primark features large stands with multiple shelves, upon which the staff lays out t-shirts, vests and leggings or jogger bottoms, depending on what product is being sold. Usually there is just one or two styles, in a range of five to eight colours. These vests are close-fitting, with wide ribbon straps. Colours range from white to pink to blue to yellow to black, with green and purple featuring too.

The Promise

There was no ‘promise’ as such, but the vests seemed to be almost too good to be true costing just £2.00 each! The fabric feels sturdy to the touch, not flimsy and poor quality as might be expected from such low-priced goods. The sizes appear to be more generous than other Primark products too.

What We Found

With plenty of change from a tenner in hand our tester happily bore home three of these Primark vests, intending to wear them as underwear if they were found to be not suitable as outerwear. She had picked a white one, a blueish purple one and a light green one, those being her favourite colours. She is currently a size eighteen to twenty and daringly had picked the vests in size eighteen, but found, to her delight, that they fitted her perfectly, clinging to her curves, but not cutting in or looking tight and uncomfortable.

She wore the first one underneath a big over-shirt, and very much like the way it looked, keeping her both cool and fashionable! When the next day was even hotter, she wore the green vest by itself, teamed with a pair of jeans, finding that while the vest had a propensity to roll up a little over her tummy, it was otherwise absolutely perfect as summer-wear. The vests’ first wash was the final test and, with our tester having followed the care instruction label to a T, they passed with flying and steadfast colours!

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