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Primark Sunglasses Review

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by Mitchell
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Primark Sunglasses Review

Product Description

primark sunglassesThese sunglasses come in a choice of colours, from sensible black to funky white to daring bright green.

The slightly teardrop shaped lenses are designed to ensure maximum eye protection as well as infusing the wearer with a sense of elegance and style.

The Promise

Each pair of sunglasses comes complete with a small sticker promising protection from harmful UV rays, something that is vital in any pair of darkened glasses.

Choosing glasses without this protection can be very harmful for your vision, as the tinted lenses cause the pupils to dilate, allowing in more light – without the UV filter, this would mean that the harmful rays are given wider access to your delicate and irreplaceable eyes…

What We Found

One of our young ladies has recently been able to get contact lenses, after an entire childhood spent in spectacles. This meant that, also for the first time, she could choose attractive and stylish sunglasses to wear when out and about in the sunshine!

She was delighted to accept this assignment and ended up with three pairs of sunglasses: one black, one white and one green, all otherwise similarly shaped.

Once she got them home and experimented with wearing all three pairs she quickly discovered something that she had not noticed in the shop – the black and white pairs were plastic while the green ones were painted metal.

The plastic wings were a little thicker and more chunky feeling than the metal ones which were slimmer, sturdier and more visually appealing.

Despite this definite preference for the green pair, our tester faithfully tried out all three pairs, finding them to be quite sturdy and able to handle the rough and tumble of being thrust quite carelessly into a handbag or pocket until needed.

In the end, she found that the design and styling made all three pairs equally strong and sturdy and the visual differences were not readily noticed by her friends and family when she asked them which ones they preferred.

Most of them only saw the colour difference as being significant between the glasses, rather than noticing what material the product was made from.

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