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Speedo Monogram Swimsuit Review

Posted 18th July 2015 by in





Value For Money

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79/ 100

by Mitchell
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Speedo Monogram Swimsuit Review


The Product Description

speedo women monogram swimsuit

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A muscle-back swimming costume that is perfect for training, but also ideal for holiday wear, this Speedo Monogram swimsuit is deceptively simple. With muscle-back style straps for ease of movement, and coming in an elegant black and white design, this costume is available in a range of sizes from 10 to 20.

The Promise

This costume promises to be more chlorine resistant than untreated elastane, and is also snag resistant, boasting great shape maintenance swim after swim. The swimsuit is fully lined and offers two-way stretch, for all round comfort and one hundred per cent mobility.

What We Found

One of our ladies was due to take a fortnight’s holiday in Spain, and she seized the chance to retire her old and somewhat saggy swimming costume. Not sure of the sizings, she ordered two of these costumes (a 16 and an 18). When they arrived, she could tell by merely looking at them that the smaller size was going to be too tight a fit, so she opted immediately for the bigger size. It fitted her perfectly and comfortably, despite her initial doubts (doubts caused by her being some seven years older than the last time she was seen in public in a swimming costume, not caused by the product in any way!) slimming her bulgy tummy and seeming to tuck her bottom in neatly! Once they arrived, the whole family popped their costumes on and trotted off to the hotel’s outdoor pool.

Our tester swam for about half an hour, then lay in the sun for another half an hour or so, to dry off. She repeated this throughout the afternoon, until they decided to go back upstairs and change for dinner. She gave her costume a thorough rinsing with cold water and hung it over the towel rail before going off to enjoy the evening. By the next morning, the costume was dried and, to her delight, still looked completely brand new. This was no fluke, and after a full two weeks of swimming and sunbathing the costume still looked new and unworn.

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