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Holland and Barrett Odourless Garlic Review

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by Mitchell
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Odourless garlic is an easy way to garner the benefits of garlic without the unwanted side-effects, especially and unpleasant smell oozing from one’s skin throughout the day. Garlic can help you recover from colds quicker, it boosts heart health and maintains healthy cholesterol.

The Odourless Garlic Promise

Holland and Barrett odourless garlic 300mg capsulesHolland and Barrett offer these 300mg capsules for sale in a variety of sizes and the recommended dose is ‘one to six softgel capsules daily’ giving a very wide range of dosage. The capsules are made from yellowish gelatin and are small circular capsules.

The garlic oil concentrate is suspended in sunflower oil, and the quick release shell is made from glycerine and gelatine. There is a warning on the bottle that these capsules – and, in fact, any food supplements, should never replace a healthy and varied diet but rather should augment it.

What We Found

One of our testers has been thinking about including more garlic in his diet, for health reasons, but his wife is strongly averse to the smell and taste of garlic. He seized the chance to try out these capsules for a couple of weeks.



His first reaction upon opening the bottle was ‘Phew!’ – ‘odourless’, apparently does not mean ‘odour-free’! However, he persisted with his plan and took two capsules per day, with his breakfast for a week.

He did notice that the capsule repeated on him, and that there was quite a noticeable garlic flavour/ odour when this happened. His wife did mention that she could faintly smell the garlic, but that it was not as pungent or off-putting as actual cloves of garlic.

Our tester found that he has been very healthy since taking the capsules, not going down with the obligatory grand-child induced cold that he usually gets when they visit, and his overall mood and sense of well-being has improved tremendously


  • Price: The bottle was fairly expensive, but contains 100 capsules. If one were to take the maximum allowed dosage, the bottle would last a mere sixteen days, but at our tester’s chosen two per day, it lasted him nearly two months.
  • Packaging: A sturdy plastic bottle, sealed to be tamper-proof in store
  • Efficacy: Not as odourless as might be expected, and this could be a problem for some users. Our tester did not visit his doctor before or after the test, but spoke of feeling healthier and more energetic.
  • Value for Money: This is variable, depending on each user. Our tester made the bottle last him a long time, taking two capsules per day and felt it was worth the price. Those who need to take a higher dose and who do not see clear results may feel unhappier with the product


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