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NIUGINI ORGANICS Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

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by Mitchell
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NIUGINI ORGANICS Raw 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes either in a 1,000ml or 650ml jar. It is food grade, but also suitable for topical applications (these applications covered under a different review).

Australian Certified Organic Niugini Organic Virgin Coconut OilCoconut oil is one of the healthiest oils available. It consists of Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs. These are healthy fats known to aid health and weight loss.

Niugini Coconut Oil is manufactured in Papa New Guinea on the island of New Britain. It is imported to the UK by a company called TBT solutions.

The oil is certified as Organic in Australia. The coconuts are handpicked from wild trees only rather than farmed. The company also makes significant “fair trade” efforts.

The Coconut Oil Promise

Health magazines and fitness blogs alike rave about the wonders of coconut oil and they are joined in this by beauty bloggers! A spoonful of coconut oil can give you enough energy to get through several hours. Coconut oil is known to boost the metabolism and thus help to burn off excess pounds.


Australia’s most popular coconut oil

Niugini Organics coconut oil is certified organic in Australia. It is gluten and chemical free, contains no hydrogenated or trans-fats and is a great-tasting cold-pressed virgin oil.

We especially liked the Kilner jar – solid re-usable glass container with the famous metal bracket. Of course, it is hexane and BPA free.


The Aussies certainly like it. It is highly rated in webshops down under (click on the image to see for yourself). In Australia it is frequently sold in tandem with Niugini Coconut Soap Bars.

What We Found

One of our testers had heard great things about coconut oil. She leapt at the chance to try it out.

The oil is solid and pearly white at room temperature (under 24C). This came as something of a surprise to her. She began her trial by swallowing a teaspoonful of the oil before every meal, ensuring that she maintained her usual relatively healthy food regimen and her usual exercise routine.

By the end of the first week she found that she was working out harder, for longer, with any added tiredness. Her mood improved noticeably (we even noticed it at the office!) and her skin seemed to be glowing with health and vitality. She initially gained weight (not fat!) and lost inches. The surmise is that she has gained muscle, which is denser and therefore heavier than fat.

After two weeks of including coconut into her regimen, the pounds began to fall off and she has gone from being overweight to her ideal BMI measurement. She lost three dress sizes in total and has almost entirely transformed her shape from, in her words, ‘a slightly lumpy pear’ into a sleek and svelte figure.


  • Price: Seemed expensive initially, but one jar lasted a long time, and the results make the product worth every penny!
  • Packaging: The large jar enabled our tester to have a big stock on hand, and lasted ages without spoiling or degenerating.
  • Efficacy: Results exceeded even the highest expectations and all of us have now bought our own!
  • Ease of use: It takes courage to eat a spoonful of oil in cold blood, but the texture is not awful and the pleasant coconut taste soon makes the thrice daily spoonfuls something of a treat rather than a chore
  • Value for Money: Worth every penny and more!

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