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Xenadrine XT Diet Pills Review

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Those who are looking to melt away excess kilograms have likely heard of Xenadrine XT. This is actually a newer version of the popular Xenadrine line of dietary supplements and many have questioned its effectiveness. Our team of experts has gone ahead and reviewed this product so that you can make the best decisions possible. So, what did we find?

Active Ingredients

xenadrine-xt-top-headerLike many other weight loss products, the main constituents within Xenadrine XT are meant to boost your metabolism while limiting your appetite. So, herbs such as sage leaf, yohimbine bark and rhodiola root are found in large quantities.

However, the “XT” in the title signals “extreme”. It is therefore no surprise that higher levels of caffeine and green tea extract are the two most important substances contained within. As 270 milligrams of caffeine are present in each serving (2 pills), it only stands to reason that Xenadrine XT may make have some adverse side effects. This is one of the drawbacks which some of our testers noted.

Dosage Effects

Instructions indicate that the user should first begin by taking one capsule twice a day. This is then increased to two capsules twice per day (after the third day). By the fourth day, four capsules are ingested twice a day.

This is a total of 540 milligrams of caffeine; a rather hefty dose. In other words, this amount is roughly the equivalent of taking an anti-sleep medication three times each day. Like most supplements high in caffeine, the main effects are nausea, the “shakes” and feelings of anxiety.

Other Ingredients?

We should note here that while the “active” ingredients mentioned earlier are present, the only real effects that the user will feel are due to the levels of caffeine and green tea extract. Simply stated, Xenadrine XT is nothing more than a high-dose caffeine pill with other herbs thrown in. These have not been clinically proven to promote weight loss; only to slightly curb your appetite.

Our Verdict

For those who are looking for an energy boost, Xenadrine XT may be a good option. However, remember that the other herbs contained within will do little to help with weight loss while the price is quite hefty for a bottle of 120 capsules (roughly €30 euros).

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