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Acer TravelMate X313-M Review

Posted 18th July 2015 by in





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51/ 100

by Mitchell
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Acer TravelMate X313-M Review


acer travelmate x313-m

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Many consumers are searching for a laptop that is easy to carry and that can provide superior levels of performance. As you may already be aware, not all brands will offer the same levels of each. Our tech-savvy experts have recently reviewed the Acer TravelMate X1313-M to save you the time. How have we rated this version?

General Characteristics

The TravelMate contains four gigabytes of RAM while an additional four gigabytes is available for an upgrade. A 120-gigabyte hard drive is included as standard. This unit is equipped with a screen of 11.6 inches (27.94 centimeters). Windows 8 is included as its operating system. Approximately 4.5 hours of unplugged battery life is possible during normal browsing conditions.

Good Qualities

Our experts noted that the audio quality associated with the TravelMate was quite impressive for such a small size. Wide viewing angles further complimented this feature. Also, the price of this model was substantially lower than larger Acer versions and other brands; around $900 dollars (approximately €792 euros) £793 on amazon.


Unfortunately, this Acer variant scored quite low in several categories. First, off this is a hybrid tablet; its keyboard is notably uncomfortable in terms of ergonomics. What our users found the most disappointing was the previously mentioned battery life of only 4.5 hours. If numerous applications are running, this will be reduced even further. We observed the screen to be low in terms of resolution despite its size of 11.6 inches. Colours were not nearly as saturated as they were with other brands such as Apple or even HP. A speed of only 80.8 megabytes per second was the lowest in its category. 17.5 frames per second was likewise frustrating; particularly for those who enjoy playing graphically rich games. Overall, our testers were unimpressed with the Acer TravelMate.

The Verdict

It seems that Acer missed the proverbial mark on this one. While it may considered to be appropriate for travel, its inherent characteristics dramatically reduce the usefulness that it claims to provide to the user.


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