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iPhone 5 Review

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by Mitchell
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iPhone 5 Review


iphone 5

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If you are into gadgets, you might want to purchase the iPhone 5 series of smartphones. As this can be an expensive model, it is important need to know its benefits and drawbacks. Our team of technology experts has taken a closer look at this phone to help you make an educated choice. What did we find?


Our users found the iPhone 5 to be the most physically beautiful model on the market. Its sleek metallic look and slim design were quite impressive. A single piece of engineered aluminium further adds to this appeal. At 112 grams in weight, it is considerably lighter than the iPhone 4 (140 grams). The height of the screen has also been increased by 12 millimeters. This is ideal for those who enjoy playing games, watching videos or sending numerous text messages. We particularly liked that the headphone jack was moved to the bottom of the phone, as this makes a great deal of sense in terms of handling the device with the cord plugged in.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Our experts found that the performance of the iPhone 5 was just as impressive as its appearance. An A6 processor makes this phone extremely fast and able to handle most tasks in only milliseconds. As this phone is able to connect to 4G networks, signal strength and download speeds are never issues. We had no problems with call quality while the high-resolution graphics enable the iPhone 5 to be great for viewing pictures and videos.

However, one of the issues that we found was that those who choose a black finish for the chassis may be disappointed; it has the tendency to get scraped easily. Battery life was also a concern for us. We ranked both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 higher in this category. Those who wish to upgrade their storage capacity from 32 gigabytes to 64 gigabytes will have to pay a hefty price tag.

Like most iPhone models, the iPhone 5 will not disappoint. It provides the same well-known Apple interface with a lightweight feel that this brand has become known for. It will be interesting to see what the iPhone 6 has in store.

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