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The iPhone 7 review

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Value For Money

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83/ 100

by Mitchell
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The iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7: Is it Worth it?

We have all heard that the iPhone 7 is alleged to be one of the best smartphones on the market today. Is this marketing hype or can we find some truth to such an observation?

Our experts have taken an in-depth look at this phone to provide you with the most objective results. User-Friendly One of the hallmarks of the entire iPhone line is that users have found it extremely comfortable.

It is actually interesting to note that the overall design of this model is physically the same as the 6 and 6S.

This is great for die-hard Apple fans. However, those looking for ergonomic improvements might be slightly disappointed.

Our score: 85% out of 100%


The iPhone 7 is packed full of useful features. Numerous colour options, a larger and more precise rear-mounted camera and a water-resistant build are welcome additions.

Unfortunately, the removal of the built-in headphone jack has left many users scratching their heads. While the processing system of the phone is impressive, many wonder why a separate jack adaptor is now necessary. This is considered to be (arguably) the one major flaw of the iPhone 7.

Our score: 60% out of 100% Performance In terms of performance, a sold-state trackpad boasts superior haptic responsiveness. This is a notable improvement over its predecessor.

A more powerful processor known as the A10 Fusion is equipped with a standard two gigabytes of RAM. This memory allocation has not changed since the iPhone 6. Still, greater processing speeds should equate to more streamlined levels of performance.

This is particularly relevant for those who are looking to stream videos. This is thanks to the addition of a brighter display that can now support 4K video resolution.

Our score: 95% out of 100%

Value for Your Money

Another possible drawback is the fact that the iPhone 7 is priced at between £650 and £750 pounds. This can be quite steep for some users.

They may instead prefer comparable models such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 (to be released later in the year). However, most iPhone lovers already expect a high price tag.

Thanks to robust processing speeds alongside the iconic image of this phone, cost may not be as much of an issue.

Our score: 90% out of 100%.

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