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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review

Posted 18th March 2015 by in





Value For Money

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89/ 100

by Mitchell
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review


samsung galaxy s3 mini

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The Product Description

A smartphone from Korean giant, Samsung, the Galaxy S3 Mini is one of a range of phones they produced. Despite being called ‘mini’ the phone boasts a 4 inch screen and fills the hand nicely. There are two cameras, one front- and one rear- facing and a navigation system comes as standard, along with a small, but comprehensive range of apps. The phone comes in a variety of colours; including black, white and titanium (the latter a sort of shiny gunmetal grey that is more attractive than that description makes it sound!).

The Promise

This phone is economical and sturdy, perfect for busy workers, stay-at-home mums and students alike. The memory is plentiful, plus there is a micro-SD card slot so you can add more storage if required.

How We Found it

One of our testers had recently purchased this phone for her own personal use, so it was logical to hand the review over to her! She had chosen the Galaxy S3 Mini as she liked the way it looked and felt in the shop. She wanted a Samsung Android phone as she is accustomed to their layout and settings and felt them to be almost intuitively easy to use. For our review, she made the effort to explore features and apps that she would not usually use and found them all to be easy to understand and use.

She has now downloaded some apps from the Google Play Store and purchased music, which she listens to when exercising, as well as making use of the alarm feature to remind her when to take her children to, and pick them up from, activities. Her verdict? ‘Even better than I thought it would be, and I did think it would be good!’

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