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Samsung NX1000 DSLR Camera Review

Posted 18th August 2015 by in





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by Mitchell
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Samsung NX1000 DSLR Camera Review


Product Description

samsung nx1000This high-end DSLR camera comes complete with a 20-50mm lens, and is often bundled with the 50-200mm lens too. The camera is available in black or white and there are a number of other lenses and attachments that can be purchased separately, for example the pancake lens, which is a smaller ad sturdier version of a regular lens, and macro lens, for extreme close-up shots of things like flowers and insects.

The Promise

Samsung promises easy photography for those who want fun and uncomplicated pictures of holidays, special events and loved ones, but also the opportunity for keen photographers to tweak the settings to take more unusual shots. There is a wide range of ready-to-use settings from landscape to night shot to beauty. The latter is tailored for portraiture and offers to smooth the appearance of skin so that everyone looks their best in the shots.

How it Worked

We were excited to trial the Samsung NX1000, finding a deal that offered both the standard 20-50mm lens and the 50-200mm lens, as well as an SD card. The big lens came complete with sturdy faux-leather pouch. The NX1000 has a separate battery charging dock, meaning that the battery needs to be removed from the camera and popped into the dock which is then plugged in to charge.

The camera has no internal memory, so all the images go onto the SD card, which made us very happy that the deal we had opted for included one! Our tester tried out both lenses and we were all amazed at the professional look she achieved with the ‘smart auto’ feature, in which the camera ‘chooses’ the best setting for the light, distance and so on. She did find that the big lens, the 50-200mm one, makes the camera quite heavy and difficult to hold.

This, plus the greater zoom, made her first pictures with the bigger lens quite blurred and almost hazy, but this was eradicated when she tried the camera with a tripod that she already owned. Portraits were amazingly crisp and clear, and she even tried taking a picture of the moon that came out better than expected.

The tester did need to use the tripod for the moon picture – all photos taken using the night feature are recommended to be done only with a tripod.

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