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Travel Bottle Pack from Poundland for £1.00.

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Ease of Use

Value for Money

Total Score

55/ 100

by Mitchell
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Travel Bottle Pack from Poundland for £1.00.


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This pack of clear bottles holds less than the maximum amount allowed in luggage under today’s new stringent air travel regulations. They all fit into a transparent carry pouch, so they can be kept together to quickly and easily show to customs officials.

The Promise

The pack comes with the claim that it is ideal for carrying any liquids or creams that need to go into hand luggage.

What we Found

Mitchell was taking a business meeting in Paris and would be spending one night in a small hotel. He wanted to take his own products with him, and would only be carrying an overnight bag – so nothing would be going into the hold.


He took the pack home and set to work filling each little bottle with an appropriate cream and or liquid: shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, after shave and so on. The set comes with three standard lids, and two different spray tops, one more like a perfume spray, the other offering a stronger squirt, rather like a cleaning spray.

He found little use for either of the spray tops, and would have preferred the security of more standard tops.

Aside from that, the set held his liquids safely, made it past security checks without trouble and allowed Mitchell to be clean and presentable for his meeting.


Not really applicable, but the quantities are more than sufficient for a day or two, but probably not for longer than two days – other arrangements will have to be made! N/a.


The bottles are sturdy enough for relatively careful handling, but the tops, as Mitchell feared, were a bit iffy. The bigger spray bottle was triggered accidentally, causing a sticky leakage inside the carry pouch, but otherwise the products survived fairly well. 40%

Ease of Use:

They are very simple to use. 100%

Value for Money:


For only a pound, these bottles are fine for infrequent, short term use – they will probably not last overuse or frequent refilling. 80%

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