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Air New Zealand Review

Posted 24th May 2015 by in




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by Mitchell
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Air New Zealand Review


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If you are looking to head to Australia or New Zealand anytime soon, it is likely that you hope to fly in style and class. Our travel gurus have recently taken an in-depth look at Air New Zealand. What did we find and how does this airline stack up against its competitors?

General Details

Established in 1940, Air New Zealand currently caters to 26 international destinations within no less than 15 countries. Locations include Asia, Oceania, Europe and the United States. Major hubs are Auckland, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Melbourne. It is a member of the Star Alliance group and offers a total of 55 international arrivals and departure points.


Above all, our travel experts found that Air New Zealand performed stellar in terms of comfort and space. When flying within business class, the cabin is arranged in a “herringbone” configuration. So, you will find that you have much more leg room when compared to nearly any other airline. Amenities such as earplugs, eye masks, lotion, lip balm and even a cozy pair of socks are offered. The same attention to detail can be witnessed with flight attendants. An extensive food and wine list is provided to each passenger. Selections include such dishes as fig salad, prosciutto, beef and cheesecake. This is actually one of the most extensive menus within the entire airline community. Finally, Air New Zealand has one of the cleanest safety records in existence. All of these features enabled our panel to conclude that this airline is indeed worth considering for your next trip.


In this category, our experts found little fault in Air New Zealand. Of course, the expression “you get what you pay for” goes a long way here. The same benefits are not observed in economy class. Also, tickets tend to be quite expensive. It is therefore a good idea to always book your reservations in advance.

Our Conclusion

If you are planning an upcoming trip, it is worth discovering if you can choose Air New Zealand as your carrier.

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