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Steamfast SF-717 Home and Away Mini Steam Iron review

Posted 22nd May 2017 by in




Ease of Use

Value for Money

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88/ 100

by Mitchell
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Steamfast SF-717 Home and Away Mini Steam Iron

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The World’s Smallest Travel Iron: Is it Worth the Money? 

Steamfast SF-717 Home and Away Mini Steam Iron, one of the issues encountered by many travellers is that it is nearly impossible to keep their clothes free from wrinkles.

This problem seems to have been solved thanks to a tiny iron produced by Steamfast. What have our experts found and is it worth a closer look?


When size matters, this tiny powerhouse will not disappoint. It shares similar dimensions to a common computer mouse.

It can therefore be comfortably packed away within a suitcase or even taken on board a plane as carry-on luggage.

Its smooth curves and ergonomic design allow for easy manipulation. This is always a concern when on the go.

Our Score: 100% out of 100%


This Streamfast on-the-go iron is equipped with a non-stick bottom plate. The chances of overheating or burning an item are virtually eliminated. Another notable benefit is that dual voltages are offered. This is important when travelling between different regions of the world.

However, the cord attachment at the back of the unit appears to be rather fragile. If handled improperly, there is a slight chance that it may become frayed.

Our Score: 75% out of 100%

Ease of Use

There are three different temperature settings which can be modified with the click of a button. One-touch controls are therefore the first benefit. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up.

This can be important for those who are in a rush. It is able to store an impressive 1.4 ounces of water; adequate for most common ironing needs. A plastic measuring cup is included with the purchase.

The unit offers 420 watts of wrinkle-busting power. This is normally adequate for most fabrics. However, its small surface area can be frustrating when multiple clothing items need to be quickly ironed.

Finallly the iron itself comes equipped with its very own tote bag. It can therefore be carried as a separate item or stored within luggage.

Our Score: 80% out of 100%

Value for Your Money

This miniature item is priced approximately at €20 euros (£16 pounds). It is one of the most affordable on the market today for its size and its wattage.

It is equipped with a one-year limited warranty which is obviously a welcome addition. Overall, this low-cost item is indeed worth a closer look.

Our Score: 95% out of 100%

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