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Nissan Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

Hybrid cars are certainly making waves in the automotive industry and yet, can Infinity pull off a combination of luxury and functionality? Let’s take a closer look. Comfort Like other models produced by this brand, the Q...


amitamin arthro360 is a natural arthritis treatment

One member in our testing team has a 76 year old mother, who has been suffering from severe lumbar, hip, and mid-foot Osteoarthritis (OA) for almost 20 years. When we received the arthro360 test capsules she jumped at the id...


Boots Inflatable Travel Pillow review

Boots Inflatable Travel Pillow review   Product Description Boots Inflatable Travel Pillow, designed to stop the head lolling back or to the side uncomfortably when napping or sleeping in transit. The pillow deflates to ta...


Samsung NX1000 DSLR Camera Review

Samsung NX1000 DSLR Camera Review   Product Description This high-end DSLR camera comes complete with a 20-50mm lens, and is often bundled with the 50-200mm lens too. The camera is available in black or white and there are...


Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Nokia Lumia 520 Review   The Product Description The Nokia Lumia 520 is smartphone that operates on Windows, features two cameras (up to 5 megapixel), 1GHz dual processor and touchscreen that can be operated while wearing ...


iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review   If you are into gadgets, you might want to purchase the iPhone 5 series of smartphones. As this can be an expensive model, it is important need to know its benefits and drawbacks. Our team of technology e...



Blendtec Designer Series Kitchen Blender Review

Blendtec Designer Series Kitchen Blender Review   With the summer months fast approaching, many of us are looking for a perfect blender to make a tasty smoothie, a sumptuous protein shake or a tempting cocktail. How are yo...


Acer TravelMate X313-M Review

Acer TravelMate X313-M Review   Many consumers are searching for a laptop that is easy to carry and that can provide superior levels of performance. As you may already be aware, not all brands will offer the same levels of...


The adidas Climalite T-Shirt Review

The adidas Climalite T-Shirt Review   If you are planning on being active this summer, it is important to stay cool and dry while still appearing stylish. The line of Climalite adidas shirts claims to offer such benefits. ...


Speedo Monogram Swimsuit Review

Speedo Monogram Swimsuit Review   The Product Description A muscle-back swimming costume that is perfect for training, but also ideal for holiday wear, this Speedo Monogram swimsuit is deceptively simple. With muscle-back ...

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