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Primark Sunglasses Review

Primark Sunglasses Review Product Description These sunglasses come in a choice of colours, from sensible black to funky white to daring bright green. The slightly teardrop shaped lenses are designed to ensure maximum eye prote...


Primark Ladies Vests Review

Primark Ladies Vests Review   Product Description Primark features large stands with multiple shelves, upon which the staff lays out t-shirts, vests and leggings or jogger bottoms, depending on what product is being sold. ...


Primark Ladies Cardigan Review

Primark Ladies Cardigan Review   The Product Description A long-line light-weight cardigan with square pockets on the front panels. The fabric is very finely knitted cotton or wool, the pieces being shaped, then sewn toget...


StriVectin-SD Review

StriVectin-SD Review It has been said that StriVectin-SD is one of the most powerful anti-aging products on the market. Its ability to supposedly reverse the presence of wrinkles has been touted for years. However, is there any...


Blemish Cream by Boo-Boo Zap Review

Blemish Cream by Boo-Boo Zap Review If you are like many, you may have acne problems from time to time. What are the best and worst products available? What should you choose and which are those that you should stay away from? ...


Weider Mega Mass 2000 Review

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly If you are looking to pack on a few kilograms, a quality weight gainer can make all of the difference in the world. Mega Mass 2000 has existed for more than 20 years and is one of the most popular...



PowerBar Energy Bar Review

Whether you are hoping to take a hiking excursion or you wish to find a good meal replacement, not all energy bars are the same. Our nutritional team has gone ahead and rated the popular PowerBar series of energy snack bars. Wh...


Olimp Creatine Xplode Review

Creatine is one of the most tried-and-tested supplements which provide superior levels of power, endurance and muscular gains. Much like other products, not all brands are created equally. Our experts have taken a look a this p...


Holland and Barrett Odourless Garlic Review

Odourless garlic is an easy way to garner the benefits of garlic without the unwanted side-effects, especially and unpleasant smell oozing from one’s skin throughout the day. Garlic can help you recover from colds quicker...


Holland and Barrett High Strength Pure Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil has long been touted as a health supplement with protesting children being forced into swallowing spoonsful every day to keep them healthy, especially in colder, damper climates. These gelatine capsules provide th...

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