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The iPhone 7 review

The iPhone 7 The iPhone 7: Is it Worth it? We have all heard that the iPhone 7 is alleged to be one of the best smartphones on the market today. Is this marketing hype or can we find some truth to such an observation? Our exper...


Lundy Waxed Canvas Rucksack review

Lundy Waxed Canvas Rucksack review Lundy Waxed Canvas Rucksack, whether taking a hike in the woods or you need to travel overseas, possessing a sturdy backpack is always a good idea. This Lundy rucksack combines chic style with...


Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon review

Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon review Colourtrend Kajalstick Avon, this is a double-ended eyeliner pencil with one end violet and the other black. The pencil is long, stretching more than twenty centimetres, meaning that users wil...


Chanel Gel Purete review

Chanel Gel Purete One of the main selling points in regards to Chanel Gel Purete is the fact that it will leave the skin feeling silky and smooth while its “feel” is extremely lightweight. Chanel has always been ass...


Chester University Hoodie review

Chester University Hoodie Chester University Hoodie, these classic branded hoodies are great for alumni of the university and for anyone else who wants to own a warm and stylish hoodie! Available in a range of colours and sizes...


Black Leggings Primark review

Black Leggings Primark review These practical and comfortable leggings can be seen everywhere and with good reason: not only are they comfortable and warm, they are very reasonably priced. The Promise Almost uniquely amongst on...



The Nordstrom Calibrate Slim-Fit Dress Shirt review

The Nordstrom Calibrate Slim-Fit Dress Shirt review Fashion-conscious men are always looking for dress shirts to turn heads while out and about. Nordstrom Calibrate Slim-Fit Dress Shirt, is one of the leading names within the i...


Samsung A3 Smartphone

Samsung A3 Smartphone from Various Suppliers at £99.00 – £250.00 The Promise The A3 is Samsung’s mid-range smartphone for budget conscious purchasers who want a sleek, high quality phone without being able to affo...


Impulse Body Fragrance 

Impulse Body Fragrance Impulse Into Glamour Sandalwood and Vanilla Body Fragrance £1.00 from amazon Impulse was known, some years ago, for offering a good range of body sprays and fragrances perfect for teens who were short on...


Soft Jersey Julipa Skirt 

Soft Jersey Julipa Skirt (32-inch length) from Ambrose Wilson for £28.50 The Promise A figure-friendly soft fabric that is sure to be comfortable and flattering even to fuller figures. The ‘weighted godets’ swirl o...

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