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The iPhone 7 review

The iPhone 7 The iPhone 7: Is it Worth it? We have all heard that the iPhone 7 is alleged to be one of the best smartphones on the market today. Is this marketing hype or can we find some truth to such an observation? Our exper...


Samsung A3 Smartphone

Samsung A3 Smartphone from Various Suppliers at £99.00 – £250.00 The Promise The A3 is Samsung’s mid-range smartphone for budget conscious purchasers who want a sleek, high quality phone without being able to affo...


Reviewing the iPhone 7: Is it Worth the Price?

There is no doubt that the iPhone 7 has been making waves within various technology circles. Let us examine if this model is truly as revolutionary as Apple claims. A User-Friendly Phone? We should first note that when external...


Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Nokia Lumia 520 Review   The Product Description The Nokia Lumia 520 is smartphone that operates on Windows, features two cameras (up to 5 megapixel), 1GHz dual processor and touchscreen that can be operated while wearing ...


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review   The Product Description A smartphone from Korean giant, Samsung, the Galaxy S3 Mini is one of a range of phones they produced. Despite being called ‘mini’ the phone boasts a 4 in...

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