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Chia Seeds – diet review

Chia Seeds – diet review Tiny black ovals, Chia seeds are something of a dietary phenomenon. They come from the salvia hispanica plant, and they be eaten raw, ground, or added to dishes of all types. The seeds absorb a ...

Vitamin E supplement by Solgar review

Vitamin E Supplement by Solgar

Vitamin E Supplement by Solgar   Vitamin E: 100% Natural E-400 i.u. d-Alpha from Amazon  for £11.82 Vitamin E is one of the important vitamins that humans need for good health, and it was an easy matter to find a tester ...


Holland and Barrett Odourless Garlic Review

Odourless garlic is an easy way to garner the benefits of garlic without the unwanted side-effects, especially and unpleasant smell oozing from one’s skin throughout the day. Garlic can help you recover from colds quicker...

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