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The iPhone 7 review

The iPhone 7 The iPhone 7: Is it Worth it? We have all heard that the iPhone 7 is alleged to be one of the best smartphones on the market today. Is this marketing hype or can we find some truth to such an observation? Our exper...


Tefal 4-in-1 cooker review

Tefal 4-in-1 cooker  Tefal 4-in-1 Slow Cooker/ Rice Cooker/ Steamer/ Porridge Maker This cylindrical kitchen appliance has four functions: slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and porridge maker. It is an older model and Tefal ha...


Reviewing the iPhone 7: Is it Worth the Price?

There is no doubt that the iPhone 7 has been making waves within various technology circles. Let us examine if this model is truly as revolutionary as Apple claims. A User-Friendly Phone? We should first note that when external...


iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review   If you are into gadgets, you might want to purchase the iPhone 5 series of smartphones. As this can be an expensive model, it is important need to know its benefits and drawbacks. Our team of technology e...

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